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Quickflex Black heat applied vinyl 15"x1yd
Quickflex Black heat applied vinyl 15"x1yd
Retail: $10.00 Sale: $5.00
Heat press 330° for 5 seconds med. pressure -peel warm Application: 1. Cut the material in reverse with a flex blade. 2. Weed the excess material. 3. Heat press on the garment at 330ºF & protect the polyester carrier with silicone paper 5 sec - medium pressure. 4. Peel the carrier off when hot. APPLIES ON: Cotton, polyester, acrylic & similar fibers. CARE & MAINTENANCE: Always respect the garment's instructions, allow 24 hours after application before washing, iron the backside only. WASH: Max 140º, inside out, do not bleach, tumble-dry approved, dry-cleaning unapproved.