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Slimline 1 adpater bracket SWF-Compact
Slimline 1 adpater bracket SWF-Compact
Retail: $39.95 Sale: $39.95
The Slim Line 1 has (9) window sizes available, each best suited for particular size applications. We offer different window sizes because everyone wants to sew the largest design in the space available. Fitting a window inside a pocket requires choosing a window size that will fit inside the pocket or opening while still leaving enough room for the sewing arm to move. Since the size of the openings is almost unlimited, we have a range of sizes and shapes that will work for most applications. Some windows have more specific uses. The 2” round is great for monograms and initials, the 5” round is great for sewing the back of caps. The right & left Side of Cap windows are used to sew on the sid