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SWF 21cm  Allied Grid Lock Hoop  -360SF 14" - Older machines
SWF 21cm Allied Grid Lock Hoop -360SF 14" - Older machines
This 21 cm (8.3 inch) Round Allied Grid-Lock™ Plastic Embroidery Hoop is compatible with many SWF / Inbro Tubular Embroidery Machines with standard distance pantograph arms. This hoop is made for the 360 mm (14.2 inch) Pantograph Arm Spacing. To verify which arm spacing you need, please measure the total width across of an existing hoop including the metal brackets. This measurement should be slightly less than the required Pantograph Arm Spacing measurement. This hoop is a "Double Height" hoop which measures approximately 3/4" thick. The extra thickness provides additional gripping surface area compared to "Single Height" hoops and therefore is the ideal choice for thicker fabrics and