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H&V Peel & Stick Tearaway 8" x 25yards
H&V Peel & Stick Tearaway 8" x 25yards
Retail: $26.95 Sale: $26.95
This product is a tear away backing with a pressure sensitive coating and a release liner. Peel and Stick has three general uses: Hard-to-hoop applications such as shirt collars, cuffs; the stabilization of high stretch fabrics such as bicycle shorts, promotional sweatshirts,and the elimination of hoop marks that can occur with certain problem materials, such as brushed denim and suede. A good Peel and Stick product should not have a gummy adhesive. The product is generally used by hooping the backing with the release paper facing upward. An X pattern is lightly cut in the hooped center such that the release paper is sliced through but not the backing. Enough of the release paper is peeled b