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Organ Needles,Titanium GOLD, Sharp, Size 70/10 - 100 per box
Organ Needles,Titanium GOLD, Sharp, Size 70/10 - 100 per box
Retail: $21.50 Sale: $21.50
Organ Needle Company has managed to combine the functionality of sewing machine needles with the latest technology of ceramic coatings. These new PD (Perfect Durability) needles have titanium ni- tride layered on their surfaces to extend their productive life by as much as five times that of conventional needles. Lasts Five Times Longer Than Chrome-Plated Needles Productivity of automated and unmanned sewing equipment is limited by the life of their needles. PD titanium coated needles are significantly stronger than other needles while maintaining elasticity. This reduces needle breakage, bending and distortion. PD needles are more wear resistant than conventional chromium plate