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Schmetz, DBXK5 Light Ball Point, Size 70/10 - 100 per box
Schmetz, DBXK5 Light Ball Point, Size 70/10 - 100 per box
This needle is in between a ball point and a sharp - all purpose Feature: Special Embroidery Eye Two sizes larger eye e.g. needle size 70/10 has an eye of a size 90/14 Benefit: Optimized thread handling due to less friction Easy threading minimizes damages on embroidery thread and reduces down-time. Trouble-free use of special embroidery threads such as metallic etc. Feature: Chemical eye and groove polishing Total chemical needle polishing guarantees both needle eye and grooves to be smooth and free of burrs Benefit: Thread passing smoothly through the embroidery eye Minimized thread breakage Gentle stitching of thread Feature: Reinforced upper blade Less deflection of the