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The Craft Pro Heat Press 9"x12"
The Craft Pro Heat Press 9"x12"
The Craft Press is a great home heat press for any entry level business or home hobbyist. It’s ideal for a crafting Business. The Craft Press is 9"x12". This makes it the perfect size for pressing your shirts, pillow cases, towels, and much more. Together, the two are light and small enough to be portable for craft shows or to keep your work area clean. The Craft Press is also the perfect press to travel to craft shows, tradeshows, or game day set ups for on the spot personalization. • Platen size is 9"x12" • Press features over the center pressure adjustment • Digital time & temperature read out • One year full warranty • UL/ULC/CE/RoHS Approved • CE/NRTLCO Approved