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Allied Grid Lock Hoops
Allied Grid Lock Hoops 10% Off
Allied embroidery frames are preferred worldwide by embroidery professionals and hobbyists & are supplied by many manufacturers of commercial and home embroidery machines worldwide. Allied hoops have a patented design featuring visual grid lines and reference markings for faster hooping and proper embroidery placement on garments. Avoid misaligned or crooked embroidery!
Coasters 15% off
Get ready for the Holidays - Print your own design on coasters and give that special someone who has everything a great personalized gift. Print with your DTG garment printer. We stock thick & thin round, square, and car coasters. Check out our poly pre-treat spray to give the design a crisp look.
Fashion Vinyl
Patterned Fashion Vinyl 10% off!
Make a statement with patterned fashion vinyl. Heat Applied Vinyl is thin and stretchy, allowing your design to flex with the garment. Designs are applied without transfer tape ? Just cut your image mirrored and apply to the garment. Our wide selection of colors and patterns include animal prints, camouflage, 3D, and more. Affix transfer with a heat press using medium pressure at 300-320ø F for 15-20 seconds. Peel cold.
Solvy 15% Off!
Are your stitches disappearing into soft and bulky fabric resulting in unsightly embroidery? Solvy Topping to the rescue! Solvy is a water soluble stabilizer which creates a smooth surface for clearer embroidery. Stitches won't sink into the fabric, giving a crisp definition and detail to your work. Great for napped fabrics like towels, fleece, and pique for golf shirts.
25% OFF!
Mighty Hoops hold the garment with magnetic force and automatically adjust for different thicknesses. Helpful in reducing hoop burn on fabrics and is easy on your on wrists and hands. Great hoop for thicker items like work clothing and horse blankets.<br/> Magnetic Mighty Hoops are available in several sizes for a number of embroidery machines.<br/>
Tension gauge
Tension Gauges 5% Off!
Keep your designs looking great with consistent bobbin tension. Tension gauges allow embroiderers to consistently set accurate embroidery bobbin case tension ? verify your bobbin tension is where it should be in seconds. It's simple to use and comes with complete instructions. No setup is required ? it's ready to use right out of the box.
Clearance Price: $17.25
Organ Needles, DBXK5 Ball Point, Size 80/12 - 100 per box
Clearance Price: $75.00
7.5"X3" Window Frame for the ICTCS 2 Clamp Base from EMS Hoop Tech - Name Frame
Clearance Price: $33.00
Brush-Tac water based adhesive (Quart size) is perfect for GT782 printers to help keep the shirt from moving.