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Mighty Hoops
25% off Mighty Hoopss
Magnetic Mighty Hoops hold the garment with magnetic force and automatically adjust for different thicknesses. Helpful in reducing hoop burn on fabrics and easy on your wrists and hands. Great hoop for thicker items like work clothing and horse blankets. Magnetic Mighty hoops are available in several sizes for a number of embroidery machines. Check out our selection!
Tension Gauges
Tension Gauge 15% off
Tension Gauges keep your designs looking great with consistent bobbin tension. Tension gauges allow embroiderers to consistently set accurate embroidery bobbin case tension – verify your bobbin tension is where it should be in seconds. Its’ simple to use and comes with completed instructions. No setup is required. It’s ready to use right out of the box.
Hookwash 10% off
Get your machine clean with Hook Wash. Hook Wash is a mineral oil-based lubricant/light solvent mixture created to use in the rotary hook area for quick clean and flush when replacing reciprocators, needle bars, bobbin cases, tension assemblies, and other parts of embroidery machines. Safe to use on plastics.
Durkee Hoops
10% off Durkee Capframes
Hate embroidering hats? Try the new Durkee Cap Frame! This new cap frame features a large 5 1/2 by 6" sewing field and uses a metal plate and sticky backing to hold the cap. The top and bottom plates have a center point for perfect alignment and the top plate has guides for consistent hooping. Stitch on both sides of the cap - No driver needed! Simply put the frame on as you would a hoop.
Hoopmaster for PR 6-10 Needle machines 10%
Hoop it Straight the first time! The HoopMaster is a unique embroidery hooping aid that is easy to use. It has many patented features which make hooping easy, faster, and more consistent. The HoopMaster is custom made for your hoops, so there is no hardware to adjust. With the HoopMaster, new employees will be hooping in no time at all. The Brother or Baby Lock 6 and 10 Needle Kit includes the station, freestyle mounting base, T-square, pocket guide and fixtures for the 100x100, 300x200/360x200, 180x130, and 60x40 hoop sizes. This is a must have for all embroidery stores.
Quickflex Vinyl
10% off on Quickflex Vinyl
QuickFlex is a thin, stretchable, soft and easy to weed heat applied vinyl. It Heat presses in 5 seconds! The perfect vinyl to do all your decorating needs. It comes in several colors. This is the staple for any vinyl business. Easy to cut, easy to weed, east to press. It’s also layerable!
Special Deal!
Allied Tajima double Height Hoop 5.5"x6.0"
Special Deal $26.64
2.5oz 4"x16" cap backing 460 pcs
Clearance Price: .99
Square coasters to print on with DTG Garment Printer