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DuoFlex Vinyl
Introducing DuoFlex Vinyl 10% off
DuoFlex® has a patented puff effect making it the only vinyl that requires one cut, one press and results in two colors! Get a great layered look in 1 pass every time! Great for sports themes and creative designs.
shoe platen
Complete Shoe Platen kit 15% off
Get with today’s trend and print on shoes! The Shoe Platen comes with three different size shoe platens inserts. This allows for most size and styles of footwear to be printed on.
Durkee Capframes
New Item Durkee Capframes
Hate doing hats? Try the new Durkee Cap frame! No driver needed! Simply put the frame on as you would your hoops. This new cap frame has a larger sewing field 5 ½ by 6”. It uses sticky backing to hold the cap in along with the metal plate. The top and bottom plates have a center point for perfect alignment. Top plate has alignment guides for consistent hooping. As an added bonus you can stitch on the back of the cap with the same hoop!
Stock up on Backings! 10% off
Get ahead of the game and be fully stocked with backing before the Holiday season. Choose from Cutaway or tear away. We stock many different weights, sizes and cuts. Can’t find the size or style you need? Give us a call and we will help you find the right backing for your needs.
25% OFF!
Mighty Hoops hold the garment with magnetic force and automatically adjust for different thicknesses. Helpful in reducing hoop burn on fabrics and is easy on your on wrists and hands. Great hoop for thicker items like work clothing and horse blankets.<br/> Magnetic Mighty Hoops are available in several sizes for a number of embroidery machines.<br/>
Get to the Point! Schmetz needles 10% off
Schmetz leads the way in embroidery machine needles. They feature the larger eye for easy threading and minimizes damages on embroidery thread reducing down-time. They have a polished eye that helps the thread pass through the eye smoothly minimizing thread breakage. They also have a reinforced upper blade which gives you a longer needle life. We have many sizes, types and points. This is a good time to stock up on needles before the holidays.
Clearance Price: $17.25
Organ Needles, DBXK5 Ball Point, Size 80/12 - 100 per box
Clearance Price: $75.00
7.5"X3" Window Frame for the ICTCS 2 Clamp Base from EMS Hoop Tech - Name Frame
Clearance Price: $33.00
Brush-Tac quart size- perfect for 782 printers helps kee the shirt from moving